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J. Flores
New York, NY

Company name:
Flores Group Publications, Inc.

01/02/2007 11:15 AM

Sutton Law Center made it so easy for me during a stressful time. You took care of all the paperwork and filing and all I had to do is sit back and wait for my corporation papers to come in the mail. I would not know the first thing to do to set up my corporation or where to file. You made it so easy to get my business license in California. Now I know I have the security of owning a company with all the right papers and was also able to set up my new bank account without a problem. I will always use your services. Thank you again.” Johnathan Flores, President • Flores Group Publications, Inc.

S. Rice
Hamilton, MT

Company name:
Steven Rice

01/02/2007 11:11 AM

I would just like to thank Mr. Sutton for putting together this network. It has been invaluable for my sister and I in accomplishing our entity formations. Having one source to go to for our legal and accounting needs has helped tremendously. Everyone I have dealt with has been professional, knowledgeable and friendly!
The nature of the work that we will be doing will involve helping others to do what we have done and this network is a valuable resource for helping them to do that.
Once again, thank you for putting this network together and we look forward to a long and profitable relationship for both ourselves and your network.” Steven Rice • Hamilton, Montana

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